Me at The Big Lunch

A few days ago I was speaking to my family about going to the Big Lunch that was happening at the Olympic Park & thought would be a good place to have our Picnic that is the anual thing, but unfortunately the teacher that my sister & sister in law pay for & they work for them not the other way round & if it was the other way round then yes you are O.K to do that but not then.

I decided to go for a bit by myself which was the first option but was the only option available to me I spent around an hour & 20 minutes or so  & you see can below from the photo’s I took what was happening. I saw a sign that said walking tours & thought that I would go there to investigate what was happening & then I was told about be a park volunteer & then that was good information. While I was there I made a smoothie, Played a little bit of golf as you can see from the blue kind of paddling pool. I was not there for that long but think that because I was on my own it was probably as much time as I wanted to go there for. Check my next vlog where I will be talking about my visit to the Mobile City Garden that is just around 5 minutes from my home.



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