Me with the Davis Cup Trophy at Ridgeway Park


Hello there a few days ago I was looking on my twitter feed & saw that the Davis Cup Trophy would be at Ridgeway Park in Chingford in East London. I would not normally go to to this event but I was thinking to myself that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity so I did not want to miss it. I got on the bus around 2 in the afternoon & certain parts of my journey there was a lot of traffic, due to it being a Saturday which is a very busy day for shopping. I was on the route 97 bus & in the bus it has a display screen telling where the final stop of the bus is, as well as each bus stop it stops at & finally the time. I was listening to my music but because of the sound only reaches one of the ears I could still hear everything, which at times I did not want to, but the bus stopped at it’s final stop which was Chingford Station & then when I said to the driver you did not stop at Ridgeway Park he said he did which reminds me that I need to make a formal complaint to Stagecoach the bus operators about their driver. I then had to go to the local library & ask for directions to the place & was very helpful & then took me another 10-15 minutes to get there. When I did eventually get there the person said not anything even though I showed that I had booked for everything & then had a quick hit with a guy. Actually before that I was told that the next session was at 4 & then when I got there she said next session is at 5 & then the leader of all of them said ME AT THE TENNIS EXPRESS WITH 2.jpgExpress tennis was at 4 & then at first I thought that I would get indiviual coaching & then another guy came & we had a good one hour hit & then I went back to the reception area & said another class & she said no, what my brain should have said at this point is are u kidding me I was just over an hour ago & you said there was a class. I think I will be making a complaint against that person I will find out who she is. I was so thursty after that I bought some Lucozade & now I realised that I should just have poured some water & be done with it.

I was coming back on the bus & started talking to the person behind me, basically I was doing most of the talking & then later on two people came on the bus & started nattering & thought that I am going to secretly record it & then I stopped of at Leyton Station & then went to ASDA to get myself 2 Mixing Bowls, a measuring jug & Vanilla Milk.

So to sum up I did not have as much time as I wanted at Chingord but 2 & a half hours was better then nothing, thanks for reading.



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