Family makes me think about calling it a day

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My family treat me like absolute crap & especially my (bastard) dad thinks that I should put everything in my room & that I don’t know quite how I am going to say that to him. What people seem to forget is that I am trying to help and before they give me stick for it and say that we don’t use the thing’s that you get for me or us, I know for a fact that they use the thing that I have got for them that would include the childs nightlight, so when I approach it will do it with a plan, cause if I don’t have a plan that is when and how things go wrong and I cannot allow to happen. So as I was saying that he does not mind people wasting there money but when somebody is doing something good that he does not understand that he takes a distant hatred to it, you might say that I am being paranoid but the evidence speaks for it self, cause if he spent as much time trying to cut down on the amount of cigarettes he has each as he does in sabbotaging people for helping & I as I said earlier I am finding it out that I am definately being ganged up by those 2 people fat bastard & fat bitch I am not even going to name them cause that is what they want and then by me naming them here that will already as it is my blood is past boiling point and I feel that this is the place to write this stuff, I could write this on Penzu which I definately have to do. I need to come up with a plan to get things through his smoke filled brain & the ironic thing is that he is doing that to everybody else including me, there is a reason why I say the phrase including me & that reminds me that I need to find the right time to say what I need to say & to make sure that I go about it in the correct way & make sure that I have a strategy that will work & make sure that I check out on YouTube & also on the search engines that can help me come up with a strategy on how best to deal with them. At the moment I know 100% that I don’t know how to approach it but that is what I have to do as a matter of urgency & also make sure that I keep calm & don’t allow myself to get in the way that I was on Sunday. I have to make sure that I keep my focus & no matter how hard the other person tries to upset me get me angry which is what they want then people will be distracted by how they are behaving & instead focus the attention on you & that is what they already do & to much in the past I have allowed that to happen if I don’t do that then I have to hope that eventually they will stop that. The only hope & chance that I have is to have a clear gameplan & then make sure that I stick to it, make sure that I know what people might think that this idea which I am going to say is stupid (sorry if you don’t) but that is normally my go to position. I  need to do that I know that it will not be easy but the longer I leave it the harder it will get to get it done which it has to get done, so I have to make sure that I have a script that I stick to. O.K that is what I have to do now, what I will do is type it up & then had write it & then make sure that I stick to that plan


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