Sorry for not writting

Can apologise a little for not writting but I know that nobody cares about me or what I write and thiis is just for me a partof mental therapy when the fact is that I am fully aware that nobody really reads this & why would they I even hate myself so nobody in the world could hate me as much as I do every single fliiping day.

I still kind of that way & is there an app I can get on my phone that will help me to remember to take my medication cause that is to do with the sharp intake of pain that I get to the right hand side of my brain that woud be good.

Last week when I went to Stratford Library for the event they doing in relation to mental health awareness week & it was good, I thought that it was a prerequiste that you have to book & that would be the only way that you could attend the event, but as I got there I saw that there were newham volunteers there that, maybe other peope would have thoght that it does not matter but I was really concerned that I would not be able to go, but if I was not a worryer then I would not have givven it as much thought as I did but that is the kind of person I am. Sorry if this is long but as soon as I get going writting I just get into my flow & feel that there is no stopping me & I feel that I needed this to clear my mind. On Sunday I think it must have been & the person working on the bottom receptionist that is what I think of her did not help me & then I would if maybe you might say that I am normal, I would scream & shout but I don’t think that is my style.

Final thing if you can please help me with my Inside Sport podcast about what your views are on UEFA & FIFA then please contact me either on Facebook @ysrmahmood.9 or alternatively on Twitter @ysrmahmood16 thank you


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