Mental Health Awareness Week

thursday 19

The thing that I wanted to talk about today was the lack of any sort of awareness of the fact that this week is mental health awareness week. I probably would not havgpe found out if it had not been for at first when I went to the doctors surgery for the patients meeting which was ironic, being the fact that there were more people who are working for the NHS, they are patients don’t get me wrong but they are not the average Joe, which I don’t really get that phrase cause we are all not just average although I don’t know about you but that is the way I feel quite a lot of the time. The fact that I only found out about this one event from my local  GP by accident being the fact that I was there for the patients meeting & so far I have not seen anything else even being advertised anywhere I might find something probably not. I just saw the flyer & it looks like that one you have to book & looks like that one has been screwed up by me.


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