Mental Health & My nephew


The other day it was Friday 13th & to be honest & my first reaction was oh no but then thought to myself that I have waited 5 weeks for this appointment. I then told my mum that I had the appointment at Shrewsbury Road Clinic & then the plan was to go there by bus & then she said that she would give me a lift & then after that I found my oyster card but knew at that time that I would not be able to get there even ny bus. I then managed to get a lift to the clinic and a bit to my surprise it only took around just over 10 minutes. I got there but could not at first see the sign for the Assesment & Brief Team & then after little bit getting confusing instructions the receptionist pointed it out to me, it was on the side of the building & then there was another person waiting & then had to walk about a couple of flights of stairs before got into the reception area which was nice. I then had to fill in a couple of forms which I did apart from one question which I managed to get that done when I saw the person.& then there was a trainee person there & I did not care & then she asked me a load of questions & some I thought were oh but answered them & some now my brain a few days later is thinking of the answer & the meeting lasted one hour & then came home.

My newphew surprinsgly came to my house last night & then rhe wanted to post his video online & then tried to edit with the windows movie maker but was not working & then he thought that he would put the video up directly which he did which is called Angry gran run which is an app on windows not sure if you can get it on play store. We then did some card tricks not sure if it worked properly cause only completed part of the trick.

On Friday night I had been thinking to myself for a few days that I would call Iain Lee on talkRADIO & then for I don’t know was nervous got on air spoke to Iain it looked like it was going to be OK but then he had to lie to me about Katherine Boyle sniggering at me on the radio then he played some piece of crap clips of some crap & tried to stich me up & I will get my revenge that I will make sure I do give me something to do & then after the show on Twiiter again being extremely rude to me & I will get this sorted out the war has began & I will win.



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