Me trying to clean my room & printer problems

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The other day that  thought that I would rearrange my room & move things around and that let me tell you was not very good cause I have a lot of things that I need to clean & even after a few days still nothing but the aim has to be that before today it can look much better also looking for loads of rugs that I can put in the room to stop the creaking sounds being made.

I have been using my HP Deskjet All in one printer for a while now and it was all working fine & at the moment I can scan OK but at the moment trying to copy or print is not working. I went on HPSupport’s YouTube channel & tried what they said when I was cleaning it out it appeared to be tissue paper stuck in there that could still be the problem of it could be more, I might have to get some more printer paper which I will look to do & get that cheap saw that online that it is available at ASDA but think that I will also try at other places. Will make sure that I get this done will let you know how I get on (I know only care so I just write this to free my mind for a brief moment in time).


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