Tennis, Leyton Orient Trust & Sign

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Yesterday after weeks & weeks of putting messages on, I finally managed to find someone to have a tennis hit with and then I thought that I was not going to make when I should have enough time but you know what happened was that I forgot to charge up my phone & then charged it for a bit & then I phoned the person I was meant to playing tennis with & she said that she might be a bit late, but then what happened was that it was around 1.40 & was leaving the house & then saw my sister in law & brother coming back & said do you want a lift & I said OK & then had to wait 10 minutes while then I couuld charge my phone for a bit & then we left & got there just about 2pm & then I thought have the changed the rules & is it now changed that they are now charging money for tennis but then the person turned up & the gate was locked & then we went round and thought that was locked but we managed to get in & we had a good hit for around an hour & then for around 10 minutes more I practiced my serve for a bit & then a guy said do u want to play tennis but I said to him that I only have the on e racquet & then I came home.

Later on around just after 6pm I was ready to leave for week 1 proper of the Leyton Orient football fans in training I got my poncho & then my sister in law said that do you want a lift & then I said OK & then got there around quarter past 6 & then had a bit of chat & then we were in the room over looking the pitch & then for the first part of the session we were in the room & then we talking about firstly about what prevents us from eating healthy & secondly what are the perceived barriers that is stopping you from doing physical activity & then we finished that and then we went to the score centre & then a bit of catcing the ball when there were 3 balls going around, then we were doing some circuit training or something like that & then we finished of with some walking footabll it was a bit better then the other footabll we did on the first week we where there but still kind of hated it cause they hardly semed to pass the ball so if that happens next time I won’t make no effort do to it if I have to act I will but no properely & they are selfish as anything. la


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