Just want to write how I am feeling


I got to say that I am feeling a little up & down today being totally honest which I feel is that I can say that no point hiding.  I feel that I am sometimes angry at myself cause I keep making the same mistakes over & over again which is not great. I say to myself that I won’t fall asleep & then because it for some strange reason it starts to get cold around something like 3 in the morning I tell myself oh just get the blanket over me to keep the warmth in & then I fall asleep & then when I do wake up I feel like what is the point of me getting up & that is why I feell that I do better when I have no sleep which for me is better then interupted sleep.


On something else I have managed to create one YouTube channel art in draft using inspiration from other YouTubers & have as I said before done the draft & now it is time to complete the final cut which I will do tomorrow. I also went to the local park Drapers Field on High Road, Leyton & was only going to be there for 20 or so minutes & then we ended up staying there for around 45 minutes & the park itself is poorly maintained which I will be speaking to people at the park about & then as we where leaving this lady asked me to help her lift her pushchair with a child inside & did that slowly & will be saying something about you having the park slightly opened by having one entrance open & explain the situation with the pushchair I may even secretly record the conversation & then put that up on my YouTube channel when I decide exactly what my YouTube channel will be about.


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