Coca Cola Park Lives & Somebody to play tennis with


Yesterday I remember seeing the poster for coca cola park lives in stratford library & then I thought that I would check out the website to see what activites where happening in my local area. I went on the website & saw that they have something called football & multi sports at stratford park & I thought that I would book & there seemed to be a lot of spaces left which I thought was weird, but at the time thought nothing more of it. I remember getting there 10 minutes late for it & wondering around for around 5 or so minutes then I asked a guy who uwas doing kids tennis on one of the courts & if I was wanting to play I would have said can he move cause want to use that bit as a tennis court cause he can use a different part of the park. He told that I was the second person that had asked him the same  question & then we know why there where so many places left cause nobody from coca cola team where there & this is the reason that all the councils apart from Newham did not want to be linked with this disgusting company.


On maybe slighlty better news I think that I may have found somebody to play tennis this coming week that I have posted something on good site & that hopefully after a lot of delays this week will be able to say that I have found someone to play tennis with and can hopefully make this a regular thing. The person said that she is available on Monday & Thursday this week and hopefully this as I said can be some sort of regular thing.


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