Me on YouTube& someone to talk to


I haven’t got that much to say as Iain Lee likes to say referering to 22nd March 2016 then you will get the reference. I just wanted to talk about my YouTube channel CuriousWeb I might need to change the name & I need to come up with better artwork for it there is no question about that, that is certain. I just like to let you know that I post video’s every Wednesday & that keeps me a bit busy & also I have started my business but I have as I know a lot of work to get it running. This is the point that I am getting really upset cause I am with the organisation called ECO which is a time banking system, I have waited to be contacted about a trade tha tI want to make & about trades that I want to offer and this just proves my point that everybody I feel dislikes me or hates me for me it constantly changes in my mind about how I feel about this cause numerous emails to get this situation sorted but get nothing back.


It is four weeks today that I went to the doctor for me to be refered for some help about maybe getting some talking therapies help & four weeks later I am still waiting which is causing me a lot of pain and that is hurting me a lot. Yesterday I remember when a few weeks back I was listening to the Anna Williamson show on talkRADIO that she mentioned the samaratans and I thought that I heard her right that it is free to call & then I checked them out earlier this morning and I feel that I may probably call them cause need to check out whether it is OK for me to call them and if it is then I will call cause what I feel like is that I just need somebody to talk to cause I feel isolated and not comfortable going out & talking to people hopefully this will help a little bit, will let u guys know.


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