Sewing Seeds

Today is starting fresh yesterday I started planted my strawwberry plant that I bought from Morrison’s last Wednesday and have been thinking about planting them and then did that yesterday.IMG_20160504_105748[1]

Later on I thought about calling Iain Lee on TalkRadio & then while I was waiting I thought that I would write down things that I have an interet in and this is what I came up withINTERESTS 001 (picture) after probably on and of for roughly an hour I decided to tweet that I probably would not get on the air and then a few minutes later I got a tweet reply from Iain & then I decided that I would phone in & then I can only phone phone in on my phone & then I spoke to Ed on my mobile phone and then shortly afterwards he called me back after I had a little chat with and then he said he called not hear me clearly and I said to him that was the best I can do and then just before me there was a caller called Thomas who was on the air for around 25 minutes which peed me of a bit, it felt like Mr Ethial that phoned in a few weeks back subscribe to Matthew Stephenson and then I spoke to Iain after midnight for around 10 or so minutes and there is one thing that I need to clear up & once that is done I don’t think that I need to call in again.


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