Bank Holiday Adventures

Yesterday I went to Stratford shopping centre cause the aim was to get some colouring pencils and got some wax crayons & then when was coming back I saw this shop IMG_20160501_153657 & then when I got home I was trying to search for it but could not find it for some reason. Then today I decided to go to this shop and managed to pick loads of games wii games very cheap they say they are in excellent condition, have to test them but at the moment it seems good & realised from the bag that I got my stuff from that it was GADCET not GADGET.

Later on in the day my nephew came & to say that I had a little bit of a headache would be an understatement and helping him with his YouTube channel was trying to help him but was making it very hard for me but was watching some nice video’s on YouTube which helped out, sorry this is all I have for today. This blog was not just a diary but also a theraputic way to deal with my loneliness and what makes me upset is because I hate the way I look & feel a fat bastard (not sorry) this is where I can use this language not everywhere but this is how I feel so thanks if you have seen this.


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