Today I want to talk about the Manslaughtering people or as they like to call themselves smokers. I quite often think to myself I really hate my life but when I see smokers I think to myself you must fliiping hate your life cause that is why you are smoking. I just think to myself when I see them smoking why can’t I just make you a cake that has cigarettes inside and that would be perfect for them then I would not have to breath in there smoke. What I do and I wouldn’t care if they could hear me or not would be to say your manslaughterer & sometimes when I go past them & I might spit on the ground they look at me like I am the disgusting one, & yes I know that you may say it is not nice but that does not kill people, they are scum. I understand that they may well hate their lives but why make other people suffer really don’t understand why, please help me


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