Health Check oustide Stratford Library

health 001

Yesterday when I was coming back from Stratford I thought that I would have a quick peek in Stratford Library & then just inside the entrance I saw this

& then I went further into the library & picked up some leaflets for this. Then today at around just after half past 12 I decided that I would make my way to Stratford library for the checks thing & when I got there this is what I saw first (picture) & then at first had a quick look about what was happening & then this person who was volunteering wanted to ask me a question then I got this health 001 and then I managed to get that & then I firstly had my height checked & then my waist & then I was in the cue to get my weight checked & then I answered the questions & then at first lost my place in the cue & then got my blood glucose levels checked & then my blood pressure which is all good. The only problem is my weight, I then had a weird smoothie that had strawberries & watermelon weird concoction should have taken a photo of and that is it for today. Tomorrow I will be talking about smokers & talkRADIO.


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