HM Revenue & Customs


I was struggling today what to write in my diary and then I thought to mself that let me sort out my self assesment even though I have nothing to declare cause nothing has happened. I tried to do online but then was told that I had to do it on the phone & that is where the hassle started. I phoned the number then it was a slightly different automated number where u would have to speak a response to a question that I asked and then I thought I had managed to get through and then I was put on hold & then the whole call was something like 11 minutes costing me 96p and to you that may sound like nothing but it is not just the cost but it is also that I am guessing there a lot of people that have had the same problem & it has cost them an arm & a leg. I then had to spend around maybe something like 10-15 minutes having to register again & then this time I managed to print of all my details as well as keeping a copy of all my details online.


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