Patients Meeting & Iain Lee

Yesterday I decided that I would go to the patient’s meeting at Leytonstone High Road Medical CentreDOCTORS  & was going there half expecting them to say that sorry the meeting has been cancelled. I almost forgot to mention this that I took with me my phone & my USB recording stick with me (that unfortunately was not working) & then when I entered the Doctor’s surgery I saw they had the trolley and it had stuff on it that it was happening. This person the engagement officer I spoke to first & said to her that I was half expecting there not to be a meeting cause I told her that I gave my details to the rec eptionist 3 weeks ago when I enquired about the meeting and then I had to fill in a disclaimer form & that then the meeting occured and I managed to ask my question about booking a doctors appointment & why is it different online to how it is face to face, maybe even on the phone. Now today is when my brain is thinking of another question about how many slots are saved for the public access thing which I may ask when I next go to the doctors surgery. I had a nice black coffee which was very nice and then I thought that I had the whole meeting recorded on my sound recorder on my phone but then when I looked at it, it had not recorded.

Now let me talk about this guy Iain LeeIainLee  to be honest for the last few days I have thought about giving him a call and letting him know how angry I am with him & this girl (picture) cause I know it was on 19th April which was last week that I was speaking to him and her Katherinedownload (1) about the phone system problems that talkRADIO are having & I said this to Kath when I called in & spoke to her and she was trying to blame me I called in BBC Five Live & spoke on & off air & there was not a single problem & when I called LBC a few weeks back when I tried to call not handsfree & then I tried again & this time I called handsfree it worked. On 19th April which was last Tuesday while he was speaking to another caller he was clearly checking his twitter & I don’t know why he was talking about that on the air which I have not done yet which I might do, cause then it was on this Monday 25th April just after midnight when he even said the phone system is screwed up a bit which he admited on the air & have thought about calling him but at the moment have not got the audio ready yet.

Please follow me on Twitter @ysrmahmood16 2 find out the truth about what he said about the talkRADIO phone system.


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