Today I want to talk about loneliness and depression and how that can lead on to other things like weigh gain cause that is happening with me and the reason that I suffer from loneliness and depression is cause I feel that I don’t have any true friends apart from online friends and feel that people hate me, which in turn makes me hate myself and I start eating too much food which I know is bad for me, which is the clear sign of insanity repeating the mistakes over and over again and that is definitely happening to me, because I tell myself lots of times that I shouldn’t eat after 9pm but so many times I have done exactly that and feel that is why I need definitely a lot of support and it was the first time that I had listened to Anna Williamson’s show on talkRADIO on Saturday night and because I am following talkRADIO on twitter I heard that they were talking about loneliness and then I sent a tweet and was told about this website called elefriends and have been using that for the last few days or so I also found out that Iain Lee from talkRADIO was talking about the same things that I am feeling and it was nice to be able to speak on the radio about that cause a lot of people don’t address it in that way which was nice that I was given the opportunity to talk about my difficulty with mental health. One of the problems I find is that it is very difficult to find the mental health services and am still waiting it has been over nearly at least 2 weeks and am still waiting on the referral from the doctor which is not great. I have just started a programme called football fans in training I decided that I needed to do something cause normally I am OK walking up the stairs but the problem at the moment is that I am loosing my balance when I get to the top step and felt that I have to do something. On Monday 25th April was session number 0 and we had to fill in a lot of forms and then I met some people Shazad & Michael that I spoke to more and feel that this could definitely help a little with my loneliness that I know that I will see them each week on a Monday and that could be that we can push each other forward to achieving our individual goals and hopefully that will be good & that is why I know how it feels to live with loneliness & depression and how that can affect all other things in your life your health part which can lead to everything else, like how you see yourself and how you think others see you. Thank you so much to reading if you found this usefull about how people who have to deal with this how they deal with or if you think that you can help me I would be eternally gratefull thank you so much reading it may be confusing but I just have to write from my heart & a lot of the time I wish that I was dead, I don’t think about how I would end my life but feel that it would be good for everybody if I was no longer here thanks again.


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