Football Fans in training

Yesterday was the first step that I needed to take to get in better shape and I had signed up to Football fans in training this one was organised by Leyton Orient Football Club. This was actually week zero and then it was on the 5 floor and then I was given the choice or using the lift or walking the stairs and decided  to walk the stairs and thought that would be good for me and don’t get me wrong it was good but I could see that I was feeling tired cause I had to walk 5 fligts of stairs. I got there and a guy pointed me to the what said outside was the media room & then got in there and then introduced myself. We first where taken outside where I got a photo of me in the gantry ME_ON_THE_GANTRY) & then we had a quick tour and the went right next to the pitch belowME ON THE SIDE OF THE PITCH (photo). We went to the score centredownload  (picture right) and then we went in to a room and then had to fill quite a few forms and had to get a health check ) not great and then we where given a pedomoeter leyton orient workbook & pedometer photo below & then we had a little 5 a side games. I have to say that I did not like it pretended like it was O.K cause the other people hardly passed the ball to me the idiots) & then when I went in goal it was better made some good saves and then also I forgot to mention that we got this book as welL.


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