Family Hassles

It all started this morning when I got up & my mum001 went and had a look in my room and then said the stuff that I have put away in the cellar is there now and I was saying that I am helping you & the way that I should have phrased it was to say this is helping me and now that I am saying help me they probably they would say no. I do hate them I just am milking them people may not like that but that is the only way to describe it. My fat (INSERT YOUR OWN SWEAR ) said I took his trainers and I did and was hoping to sell them but you guys out there were not very helpful and then later on when I was speaking to my mum & then I said that why are you mocking me and then he just could not deal with my response and (swear) & he went of. Please if you can help me get it through to them that I am not asking them to sell their stuff that they want but the things that they will never use again and to put that stuff to good use by if it is possible to sell those items, a percentage of how much you sell your stuff for wll go towards improving the house really need your help


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