My dealings with ASDA


Over the last few days I have been having problems with my phone it must I think Wednesday this week where the phone decided to give up the ghost. I thought to myself that I would leave for a little while and then try again the next day but nothing. I then thought that I would be able to print of a bank statement to show that I had bought cause at the time I was not sure when I bought the Alcatel Pixi 3 phone from this branch of ASDA in Leyton Mills Retail Park in Leyton, but the thing was that when I tried to log in to my Santander online banking details they did not work and then I had to go to the Santander branch in Stratford and got things sorted out, sorry little bit of topic they said that if I go in there that if I had paid by card they would be able to find it. I then decided to go to Leyton ASDA and went to the tech area and was told that if I had paid by card the people at customer services would be able to help me, but unfortunately on that occasion the lady said that she was not trained to do the receipt transaction. I decided to go the next day and after a long exchange was told that if I some proof of purchase it would be O.K. I then went home and spoke to ASDA customer service team  and this is the conversation I had with them and they said that a bank statement should be fine and if I had get any hassle from them I will show them the tweets that I received from Asda customer service team.






Hi there, bank statement is absolutely fine ☺🎉 Thanks, Heather


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